Published On 05/20/2010
Home Realty Investments office building in San Francisco

Home Realty Investments was founded in 1972 by Antonio Castellucci. Mr. Castellucci lives & thrives on the Real Estate business, takes pride in his "long term hold" philosophy & created this business simply because "everyone needs a place to live." While still a big part of the acquisition side; he has trusted the daily operation to his kids. The three kids manage Home Realty Investments and handle all aspects from A to Z. Their father, born in Italy raised in Argentina moved to San Francisco in 1971 and began the family legacy soon after. Real Estate and the "thrill of the deal" came naturally to him as he purchased his first property in '72 & the rest is history. (Feel free to ask for the whole story)!

Managing 60+ properties and over 350 (and growing) rental apartments in San Francisco, we dedicate our time to personal customer service, a quality product and finding you the perfect home. We are unique in that we manage all our own investments & treat each one as our own. Our management team strives to provide excellent service to our residents while building long-lasting relationships in the process. 

Now that Home Realty runs like a well-oiled machine...the firm dedicates it's time and energy to exciting development projects throughout San Francisco while incorporating environmental conscienceness and awareness to our community. Our minds are exploding with ideas... so stay tuned!